Repair of: Static devices

Difficulty Index:

= Easy
No danger to you or the device you work with.

★★ = Challenging
You are not in danger but your device are so be careful what you do. Expect some challenge.

★★★ = Average
You work here with electrical appliances and fragile parts, you disassemble and examine appliances. Although power is not always necessary during work, there is a risk of electric shock.

★★★★ = Difficult
You are going to test open devices with power on. There is very little damage and parts are rare, expensive or no longer available.

★★★★★ = Expertise

Fast rotating parts, electricity and measurements. Replacing or treating small fragile parts. Almost impossible repairs, Start only if you have the right knowledge, and are not afraid of losing your device if you make a mistake.

There is also a statement of the costs, these are based on parts to be purchased, these are calculated on the basis that nothing breaks during the process.
Purchase costs of the device/medium itself are not included.

Finally, some repairs are not yet completed, the button is then colored orange.

Low = €0 to €50
Medium = €50 to €100
High = €100 or more!

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The TEAC PD-H570 CD player. A beast of a player with room for 7 CDs. How a CD player ended up in my house is another story. Mechanically almost everything works except the laser motor. Time to investigate that further.


★★★★ = Hard
Cost: Low

The TEAC MD-H500i MiniDisc Recorder. There are very few Minidisc players with this appearance, Teac is one of them. But time and gravity haven't done him any favors, watch as I work on a more modern tech. Where a temporary solution draws crooked faces.
So far it has not been possible to repair it and have now put it away temporarily pending ...

★★★★ = Hard
Cost: Medium

New (LED) lights for my Realistic TR-882 8-Track recorder. Recently there was a light bulb on the recorder annealed, if I then replace it it is wise to immediately take everything with me.

★★★★ = Hard
Cost: Low

The Erres HiFi Sound Project 3537. A beautiful cassette recorder with extensive functions. I had purchased this as an overhaul, in the end I was the one who could carry out this overhaul.

★★★ = Medium
Cost: Low