My 8-Track recorder was hungry again....

Hold on!

Before we pull the screwdrivers out of the drawer and start poking that thing. I just want to make it clear that I am not responsible for the actions you take.

I have been trained and instructed for the necessary professions that come with this, but many repairs are also an adventure for me.

Realize that tinkering with these things can be life-threatening, sometimes even when the power is off. If you are not familiar with certain actions, I advise against performing these actions. For the sake of convenience, I indicate with a grade of difficulty so you have an idea about what to expect (more or less).

This grade is based on a person with some technical experience. There is also a cost indication, some repairs are expensive, sometimes it's better to consider saying goodbye and looking for a replacement than to keep investing money. Keep in mind that special and sometimes foreign material is needed, from multimeters to dishwashing sponges. The repairs themselves are told more like a story, hereby I share the experiences I gain. They can be very specific, but often applicable to related devices.

The Main Devices page contains reports of repairs to various audio devices. From cassette decks to timer units, it's all covered here.

The Portable devices page contains extensive reports like Walkmans and other portable audio devices.

On the Sound carriers page, we look at possible problems with the media on which the music is stored.