Repair of: Main devices

On this page extensive information about maintenance and repair of main playback and recording devices.

Difficulty Index:

= Easy
No danger to you or the device you work with.

★★ = Challenging
You are not in danger but your devices are so be careful what you do. Expect some challenge.

★★★ = Average
You work with electrical appliances and fragile parts, you disassemble and examine appliances. Although power to the device is not always necessary during work, there is a risk of electric shock.

★★★★ = Difficult
You are going to test devices with power on. There is very little room for errors and parts are rare, expensive or no longer available.

★★★★★ = Expertise

Fast rotating parts, electricity and measurements. Replacing or treating small fragile parts. Almost impossible repairs, work only if you have the right knowledge, and are not afraid of breaking your device if you make a mistake.

There is also a indication of the costs, these are based on parts to be purchased, and are calculated on the basis that nothing breaks during the process.
Purchase costs of the device/medium itself are not included.

Finally, some repairs are not yet completed, the button to these is colored orange.

Low = €0 to €50
Medium = €50 to €100
High = €100 or more!

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The 3M Cantata 700 BMS. A beast of a device. But not without reason. This unit can play the largest music cassettes in the world.

Although designed and manufactured in America, I impoerted this player from Spain, though the instruction plate on top gives explanations in yet another language. So the machine already has had quite a journey. Hopefully this will be his last for a while.

It works, but not properly. The speed is not stable and the sound cannot be adjusted properly. There are also a lot of grinding and squeaking noises from the device when it is used.

I'm going to take it apart and see if I can fix all the defects. Should I get him operational again and more importantly, playing reliably, there is a good chance that it will be used again as intended.

★★★ = Unknown
Cost: Unknown 

Page still under construction

A real old-fashioned gramophone player, at least that's what it seems at first glance, but looks can be deceiving!

I bought this one at an antique shop with a mild discount, it's operational but I can't really enjoy the sound, the speed is not stable and it makes a lot of noise when I use it.

Although I actually bought it for decoration, I still want to see if I can get it back in good condition.

Time to take it apart and fix it up! I also give you some important information about this specific type of player, of which there are remarkably many on the market!

★★★ = Medium
Cost: Low

There he is again, the Erres 3537.

This time it's serious, one of the VU meters has failed, it is a repair that would not have been necessary if I had been a little more careful myself.

Even I don't know what to do with it at the time of the problem, but in the end it will all work out.

★★★★★ = Expertise
Cost: Low

There it finally is, the Sanyo RD XM1.

A micro cassette deck from the early 80s, with the most modern gadgets on the market at the time. Dolby HX, support for metal tape and soft touch control. These functions are all stuffed into a tiny device that plays tiny tapes.

It works, but I can't really call it that way. The belts have to be replaced, but that job is not going to be easy.

This project is on the shelf for now. An update on this will follow when the time comes.

We are less than half a year later when the 8-Track recorder is back on the workbench, luckily it is minor maintenance. He plays great but recording is not going well yet. Time to set him up properly.

★★★ = Hard
Cost: Low 

The Marantz SD1000 Cassette Recorder. Found in a pop-up shop that sells all kinds of retro equipment and gadgets. On the first test, it seems to still work well, but could use some TLC. But while cleaning I'll notice it's a bit more than that.

★★ = Challenging
Cost: Low

The Sony TC-252, a tape recorder from 1971. This came to me via, via, but I was not interested in it myself, it is a coincidence that a good acquaintance of mine had been looking for this type of tape recorder for a long time, yet this Recorder has been in a stand still for a long time and needs some maintenance.

★★ = Challenging
Cost: Low

The Pioneer JT-215A Timer. A cute little device with a built-in 'flip clock'. You can use this device to switch on your audio equipment at any time of the day.

It would not work according to the description. In addition, there are more points that I need to check so let's sit down for this.

★★★★ = Hard 
Cost: Low