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Important: the old domain 'tapehead.nl' will be dropped on 30 december 2022,
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From Vinyl & Cassettes to Minidisc and 8-Track. Hardly any audio format is spared. Here you can read the stories behind various old audio devices and their mediums.

Since 2007 I have been involved with cassette tapes, supplemented in 2010 by vinyl to turn it into a hobby in 2013. Although the hobby doesn't stop with music and their physical media.

The devices are often outdated, no longer work properly or generally require regular maintenance and attention.

I share my experiences with analog, digital and obsolete media here, from the past and present to general information and repair.

Welcome to this website!
"Now includes noise reduction!" 

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Information for new visitors:

First of all welcome to the website! I founded the website in 2019 to tell you and other readers about the many different audio formats that have been used over the years, with information about operation, explanations of use and even repair reports to help the tinkerer with his repair.

I try to tell the information, repairs and blogs as interesting as possible, this means that sometimes I bring things with a bit of humor that's out of context as I don't always like to take things too serious, because of this some articles may read like a story, experienced from my perspective.

The website is currently managed and edited by me alone, this way you don't have to sign up or subscribe to anything and you won't even suffer from distracting ads, unless I personally think it's worth mentioning one. Think of the website as a kind of Wikipedia for outdated sound media!

I regularly check the website for (typing) errors and correct them as soon as possible, but sometimes it can happen that information may be incorrect, I often base things it on my own experience and what the internet can tell me. If you find an error, you can contact me, after which I will check the error and correct it if necessary. At the bottom of this page you can find the latest edits, if you want to know if something new has been added to the website, you can find it there.

As my native language is Dutch, it can (and will) happen that my spelling and choice of words is not always correct, my English is not bad but not as good as my Dutch writing, I also translate large portions of text through a translate tool, I do however check these en correct parts that seem out of place. I intend to update the English version as soon as I finished changing something on the Dutch version, this is a time consuming process and may take 'a day or two' to translate and update.

The pages on this website can be found (for the computer user) on the left side in the sidebar. Mobile users can access this bar by clicking the three stripes in the top right corner of the screen.

The website is built to be read on the computer, so it is possible that the layout is not always presented as intended, therefor sometimes it can help to tilt your mobile, unfortunately I can't do much about this myself, my apologies for this.

Thank you for visiting and have fun on this website!

General messages:

November 23, 2022: It might be interesting to give a 'small' update on the current state of the website:

Everything is going well! I get a fairly large number of visitors (between 150 and 300 per day) which makes it worthwhile for me to keep working on the website. I also see more and more visitors from outside the Netherlands, since the launch of the English version, the number of readers per month has increased by 2000 visitors! Because of this I know that the English version is certainly worth keeping up and running, even if it costs me twice as much work.

Furthermore, I have put a lot of time into the website in recent weeks, it comes and goes with waves. Sometimes there is a daily update, sometimes work stops for a few weeks, it depends on how much time and energy I have to put into the website.

For example, I've put a lot of work into improving the information pages lately. The vinyl page has been almost completely rewritten and is well on its way. The most popular page on the website about the reel to reel machine has also been supplemented and improved. I've even started the microcassette info page which still has plenty of work to do. The information page about the 3M Cantata 700 is currently silent, the device and its cassettes are now in storage, I want to finish the other pages before I start.

Finally, I took the focus away from the repair pages, I have a few more repair pages in production that are nearly finished, but the number of visitors to these pages is quite low compared to the rest, and it is also much more work to write these pages compared to an information page.

For the time being, the website is going well, I'm getting more and more compliments through my inbox (thanks to the people who took the time to do this) and I've bought and locked the domain name (tapehead.org) untill 2027. Also to mention that the old domain (tapehead.nl) expires on December 30 and therefore no longer leads to my website. Everything else remains the same with the only possible difference that the English version becomes the new main page. The Dutch version remains available and is still the main version for me from which I work on the website, after all I only update the English version when the Dutch version has had an update.

Finally, I would like to ask again if you 'the readers' would take the time to fill in the survey, it will only take you a few minutes, you are not committed to anything and it will give me a better idea of ​​what you like to view on the website.

Thanks for reading and enjoy reading!

September 4, 2022: Another update about the future of the website, as described earlier I plan to change the domain from .nl to .com, but it seems that .com is already taken and has been put up for sale for the price of $6.000 which is a bit to much for an hobbyist like me... So the plan has been put forward to change the domain to .org instead. Originally .org stands for non-profit or charity related. Though this is not really the case for this website, it does make it easier to be found by people outside of the Netherlands.

At the end of this year (30th of december 2022 to be precise) the domain will be transferred from .nl to .org. After this date tapehead.nl will no longer direct you to this website!

Let me know your opinion about the website! Click on the image below to go to the survey.

When you submit your completed survey, you will be treated to a special page on this website!


Before we get started, the following: when is something a special edition? After all, it is just how much 'value' you attach to something that is special in your eyes. What may be special to me may not be special to you at all.
Some media that I'm going to show here are in this case not always that...

We start this blog with an overview of vinyl/shellac. After all, it is mainly the collection of records that often has a unique or special edition. Records with special colors or complete images printed on the record. Sometimes they have a separate shape or are played in an alternative way.

A little after 13:00 we arrive by car at the entrance to the halls, the amount of cars is a small reference to the size of this fair. I've been to record fairs before, but these were often made smaller, which also has its advantages (I'll come back to this at the end). The entrance fee was €15 and parking by car comes with a fixed amount of €10....

New Speakers!


We open this blog with a photo of the old speakers of the ITT brand. A German brand, at least I thought for years. But after some research it turns out to be an American brand. The abbreviation stands for International Telephone & Telegraph. Although there is no direct link with loudspeakers, it appears that the company owned more...

Last 10 edits:

December 8, 2022: New repair page online regarding the Sony WM-BF22 walkman.
December 7, 2022:
Finished the information page on the reel to reel recorder.
December 6, 2022:
Updated almost all info on the reel to reel recorder from Dutch to the English version.
December 4, 2022:
Added information to the home page for new visitors.
December 3, 2022:
Added new chapter to the info page on the Reel to reel recorder, also a new downloadable on the downloads page under reel to reel.
November 23, 2022:
Added a new message to the general message board on the home page.
November 6, 2022:
Rewritten and expanded parts of the information page on Reel to reel tapes.
October 30, 2022:
Completely rewritten the Vinyl information page (still busy with this) also lots of fixed links and done some corrections to translations on the Compact cassette information page.
October 28, 2022:
Small changes to repair overview pages (made their appearance equal to one another).
October 26, 2022:
Fixed almost all links on my Youtube videos forwarding people to the website.