Dear readers, although the website has more and more visitors and is therefore becoming more popular, its success unfortunately also has a downside. The number of filled contact forms is increasing so quickly that I can no longer handle them alone. Although I have always been happy to answer questions from people who could use the help, the success has now forced me to change the way the contact form works.

It is a shame that I have to mention this because right now I notice all too well that there are many people (of all ages) who experience problems with all kinds of things and could use free advice.

You will still be able to contact me, but no longer for free advice on the use or repair of equipment and their media. The form is from now on only intended to report questions, tips or complaints about the website itself. Other general questions will no longer be answered.

Do you still have a question or problem with your equipment or media? Then I ask you to take a look at the many different forums online for help. There are many on the web and in turn many other enthusiasts who will gladly help you with your problems.

I would like to thank everyone for their efforts and at the same time apologize that they can no longer contact me for questions about audio and their media.

If you have a question, tip or complaint about the website, then you've come to the right page. It is advisable to read the text below the form before filling it in, some frequently asked questions can already be answered in advance below. 

My name is Jeffrey, by the way, that makes composing the message a bit more pleasant if you know who is on the other side of the mailbox.

* Your name is not required, but is purely so that I have a salutation when I return a response.

For a contact form, especially if it concerns a question, I like to take the time to respond properly. It can take a day or sometimes a week. Anyway, you will always get an answer from me. The response time is also shortest around the weekend. Also check your spam box.

Frequently asked questions and answers:

Q: Can you provide me with help and advice to resolve my audio and media issues?
A: Unfortunately not anymore, I had to stop this option on November 13, 2023 because I could no longer keep up with the number of questions. If necessary, you can resort to online forums on the web where other enthusiasts may be able to help you with your questions about audio equipment and their media.

Q: I did not get any reply from you after filling the form
A: This of course is not a question I get but something this may happen, this could mean two things, your answer is already given below, or you misspelled your email address. This last thing has happened a lot, I try to reply but get a message that the address does not exist. Also it may be possible that for some reason my mail system does not support your mail address, something I can not do anything about sadly.

Q: Do you sell spare parts, devices or media?
A: No, it is too much work for me to put up a way to sell stuff to anyone on a regular basis. Also to put it simply. I'm not a professional repair or salesman.

Q: Can I make references to the website? And could you also refer to my website?
A: Yes! The more links the merrier, links to other related websites then appear under the 'Web Links' page. Of course I really appreciate it if both websites link to each other! Let me know via the contact form and if your website is relevant to the topic I will be happy to add it. 

Q: Do you also repair other people's devices or media?
A: No, unfortunately I'm too busy for this, I get this question so often that I could open a repair shop for it. I'd love to, but I'm running out of time. 

Q: Do you know others who can repair devices?
A: Yes, below is a link to the address you may contact for repair it is in Dutch though:

Q: Do you also sell equipment or media?
A: Yes, although not often. If this occurs, this is usually via Marktplaats (Dutch auction website). I can put a link on the website but most of it is sold within a few days. You can ask for specific items, but there is a good chance that I will unfortunately have to answer the question with a no. 

Q: Do you buy equipment or do you know where to sell equipment?
A: No and yes, I do not buy any equipment from anybody who offers them to me. Yes you can easily sell equipment for a good price online through auction sites like Ebay or use the search engine to find any dedicated website that are used to sell audio equipment.

Q: Do you have any equipment manuals?
A: Yes, but I get this myself from the following website: Signing up is free. 

Q: Can I use images from your website?
A: Yes, provided you ask me first. I don't charge for it but would be happy to know that my images are being used for other purposes. In addition, the resolution may be higher if I can send it. 

Q: Is it possible to see the collection with your own eyes?
A: No, I live in a small student room. Little room for visitors, moreover, the website is there to share my collection with the outside world, so a visit should not be necessary in that case.