If you have a question, idea, complaint or just want to tell your side of the story, you've come to the right page. It is advisable to read the underlying text before filling in a contact form, because some frequently asked questions can already be answered in advance. 

My name is Jeffrey, by the way, that makes composing the message a bit more pleasant if you know who is on the other side of the mailbox.

* Your name is not required, but is purely so that I have a salutation when I return a response.

For a contact form, especially if it concerns a question, I like to take the time to respond properly. It can take a day or sometimes a week. Anyway, you will always get an answer from me. The response time is also shortest around the weekend. Also check your spam box.

Frequently asked questions and answers:

Q: Do you sell spare parts, devices or media?
A: No, it is too much work for me to put up a way to sell stuff to anyone on a regular basis. Also to put it simply. I'm not a professional repair and salesman.

Q: Can I make references to the website? And could you also refer to my website?
A: Yes! The more links the merrier, links to other related websites then appear under the 'Web Links' page. Of course I really appreciate it if both websites link to each other! Let me know via the contact form and if your website is relevant to the topic I will be happy to add it. 

Q: Do you also repair other people's devices or media?
A: No, unfortunately I'm too busy for this, I get this question so often that I could open a repair shop for it. I'd love to, but I'm running out of time. 

Q: Do you know others who can repair devices?
A: Yes, below is a link to the address you may contact for repair it is in Dutch though:

Q: Do you also sell equipment or media?
A: Yes, although not often. If this occurs, this is usually via Marktplaats (Dutch webstie). I can put a link on the website but most of it is sold within a few days. You can ask for specific items, but there is a good chance that I will unfortunately have to answer the question with a no. 

Q: Do you have any equipment manuals?
A: Yes, but I get this myself from the following website: Signing up is free. 

Q: Can I use images from your website?
A: Yes, provided you ask me first. I don't charge for it but would be happy to know that my images are being used for other purposes. In addition, the resolution may be higher if I can send it. 

Q: Is it possible to see the collection with your own eyes?
A: No, I live in a small student room. Little room for visitors, moreover, the website is there to share my collection with the outside world, so a visit should not be necessary in that case.