Information & Instructions

Every machine has its own manual, the same often applies to the accompanying playback material. On this page you will find information and instructions about all kinds of audio formats.

The topics are described as an experience from my perspective, in between I give general tips or don't always take things seriously.

Keep in mind that not all machines are as easy to operate as to keep them working (cleaning them).

It often happens that you need special tools or resources. I am not going to call myself a professional here and I have a lot to learn myself. Not all of the 'instructions' mentioned can be correct. However, I often indicate if I'm not sure about something. So follow up at your own risk ;) 

If a button to the page is black, this means that I am still working on it, so it may happen that certain topics have not yet been discussed, some of the pages are already well on their way or ready.

Turntables and Vinyl are all the rage again. According to many, it gives a warm sound, the 'pops' and 'tics' are part of the experience for some.

However, not everyone immediately understands how to deal with it. Read all about it* here.

The Compact Cassette, or simply called a tape, also seems to be becoming more popular, especially now that it can be seen more often in films and series.

Below you can read about how these straps work now. How you can record something and go all out creatively if you really go for perfection.

Tape recorders are a completely different matter, they might also become popular, but for now it is a select group of people who show an interest in them.

Setting up a reel alone can be a puzzle, maintenance doesn't get any easier. Still, with the right instructions and resources, you can come a long way. 

The Minidisc is not an analog media, although it can be recorded like one.

They've actually gone out of fashion quite recently, are easy to get hold of, fairly inexpensive, and a nice entry-level item if you're into the crazy type of audio.

The Minidisc 'Walkmans' are often solidly built and some models are quite neat and modern to look at.

Because they are so 'modern', there is little to no maintenance.

8-Tracks are a very strange type of media, at least for those who have never heard of it.

Fans of this type of media often don't go for sound quality but for the experience and ease of use.

They often need a lot of attention before you can actually use them.

But once it's up and running, it's a pretty easy type of media to use.

Welcome to a different kind of audio world, the one in which the 'Elcaset' has become immensely popular, nothing no Compact Cassette but tapes almost as big as video tapes!!! With high quality sound!

No, after only two years this idea was already history.

Interested in this type of media? Feel free to look further.

DCC (Digital Compact Cassette)

On the market since 1969 for use in voice recordings, mainly used in answering machines but also used by reporters, corporate interviews and many other interesting purposes with even a very special function in which it was actually a grand failure.

You can read all about it on this extensive information page about the cute little cassette with a matching name.

Compact Disc

With the largest cassette tapes in the world, the Cantata 700 is not only a unique whole to behold, but the technology behind it and the reason for its existence are also an interesting story to tell.

We dive into the world of 'Muzak' and background music which for years managed to break the silence in factory halls and shopping centers! 

RCA Victor Cartridge