Weblinks and sources

I also get my information from somewhere. The many sources are listed here.

Youtube links:

Webshops links:

The webshops mentioned here are stores where I have ordered myself in the past and am satisfied with the handling and the products themselves. 

  • https://the8tracktapestore.com/
    American webshop with an incredibly large catalog of 8-Track Cartridges. It is guaranteed that the 8-Tracks offered for sale have been addressed so that they will work again, keep in mind that it can happen that some can still show problems shortly after purchase, but that is the risk you have to take with 8-Track Cartridges.
  • https://www.turntableneedles.com/
    American webshop that focuses on record player attributes as well as strings, parts and tools for other HiFi devices.
  • https://www.45toeren.nl/
    Dutch webshop for the sale of Vinyl and associated attributes. 
  • https://zwarteschijf.nl/
    Dutch webshop for the sale of Shellac records, they also sell associated players and attributes. And even Wax cilinders (and players).
  • https://www.debandjesfabriek.nl/shop/
    Webshop of the Bandjesfabriek, sale of new cassette tapes and attributes, also the possibility to compose your own cassette, from color cassette and box to the length of the tape.

Website Links:

  • https://www.tapeheads.net/
    Audio forum on mainly analog media. With information about cassettes, reel to reel, record players, CD players, amplifiers and much more.
  • https://www.hifistereo.nl/
    Dutch website for repair and sale of HiFi equipment with professional repair of audio equipment. Never used it myself, but personally met the people behind the website during a trade fair. 
  • https://www.hifiengine.com/
    The HiFi Engine is packed with manuals and specifications, great if you're looking for detailed information. A (free) account is required to download manuals, but the specifications are public. The comments below are also sometimes interesting to read.
  • https://walkman-archive.com/gadgets/index.html
    You could call it the home page of the Walkman, it is full of detailed photos and information about the Sony Walkman in particular, but also those of other brands.
  • https://walkmancentral.com/
    Walkman Central is again focused on the Walkman and describes a large part of all Sony models that have ever appeared on the market.
  • https://www.sonyvintage.com/
    Another website about Sony Walkmans, the website has been standing still for several years but is still a good source of information when it comes to Walkmans.
  • https://obsoletemedia.org/
    The Museum Of Obsolete Media documents a wide variety of audio formats over the years, pretty much all media formats that have existed.
  • https://www.hifi-archiv.info/
    The Hifi Archiv is a German language website worthy of its name HiFi Archive, it is full of catalogs and manuals of all kinds of weekly, monthly and manuals of a countless range of brands.
  • https://audiorestauracion.es/
    Professional Spanish language website for restoration and digitization of a wide range of sound and film media. In addition, they also maintain a Youtube channel that is mentioned above.
  • https://www.vintagerecorders.co.uk/index.htm
    Website of the associated Youtube channel of 'Vintage Recorders' with the possibility of repairing audio equipment and an interesting gallery.
  • https://1001hifi.blogspot.com/2015/01/elcaset-rise-and-fall-of-hi-fi-tape.html
    A blog about the Elcaset, a failed type of cassette media that was released by Sony in the early 1970s and disappeared after a few years.
  • https://www.dccmuseum.com/
    The DCC Museum website, full of information about the failed type of cassette media that was released by Philips in the early 1990s.
  • https://www.mfbfreaks.com/
    Dutch website focused on the equipment released by Philips also offer repairs.
  • https://www.discogs.com/
    Music database and Webshop for Vinyl and Tape or the standard CD.
  • https://stereo2go.com/
    Forum with HiFi and portable audio devices as the main topic, also includes: repair, reporting, information and of course visuals.
  • https://stereo2go.com/forums/threads/sony-dd-portables-genealogy.7410/
    Specific post on the Stereo2Go forum about the timeline of the Sony DD series, as well as a detailed schedule with information about the series.
  • https://stereo2go.com/forums/threads/wow-and-flutter-my-know-how.19/
    Blog post on the Stereo2Go website addresses the many potential causes of Wow and Flutter in tape media.