Repair: iPod Nano 6 Gen.

If there is one device that almost always went with me on a trip, it was this MP3 player. I enjoyed it for years and always treated it with care, until it fell once and the screen became full of cracks, luckily it still worked but over the years it got more and more unusable. Now it has given up, the screen remains black but can still connect to the computer. Time to see if a new screen can breathe new life into it.

May 1, 2019 (date of repair)

I took the photos below before I started this website, so this page is not as extensive as the others, and it is also a bit of an exception on this website.

Required tools:

  • Hairdryer
  • New screen
  • small flat screwdriver

Here is another photo of its predecessor. The iPod Nano 2 Gen. this one went everywhere. Whether it was on vacation or on the way to school, he was there. In the end, he lasted long enough to see his replacement, only after this he gave up. My computer could still see it, but that's about it. With its 8Gb, it was big enough at the time, but now that would no longer be enough.

Okay, back to the current player, as you can see he's pretty beat up, no wonder he's given up now... At first I wanted to say goodbye to it and throw it away, but after some doubt decided to see what i can still do.

The screen is removed without screws, the screen is stuck with a special tape that reacts to heat, if I let the hair dryer blow over the screen I can lift it out with a flat screwdriver, the connections are so small and fragile that you have to loosen it very carefully, I do this with my nails because metal objects could only harm him there.

I was able to buy a new screen on a webshop for a reasonable amount, I can't find the sales information anymore, but I believe I lost about € 20 for this.

Of course I test the new screen before I start to assemble it, and yes, it works again! The new screen also comes with new 'thermal tape', which I stick on the housing, stick the screen on it and blow on it again with the hair dryer, so I activate the tape and attach the screen to the housing.

And that's how you replace a screen on an iPod Nano 6 Gen.

Now while writing this page, I can already mention that the new screen is starting to get sick, after all I dropped it properly once again.....
(see the stain at the top right).

In retrospect, I also have problems with the storage capacity, the 16Gb that the device can hold is no longer enough, I also have more and more problems with transferring music (in combination with iTunes), some songs do not want to play, either if i put it back on. (something I had already experienced with my first iPod). I have never been a big fan of Apple because of this, although I have used it for years.

On this I decided to look carefully for a universal mp3 player. Until then, I'll see how long it lasts.

September 12, 2019 (date of writing page)