So much to do...

Sometimes when I get busy this song pops into my head, it's nice to name this page after it.
Translations: "Zoveel te doen" means: So Much to do.

You are now behind the scenes of the website. Here is an overview of everything that still needs to be done on the website. The page is more meant for me to keep everything clear. Sometimes I catch myself that I have not yet completed certain pages or that an image still needs to be inserted.

Below is an overview of everything that is still planned. From small additions to existing pages to long-term plans (or more ideas). They are not in order, by the way, and not all plans make it onto the website.

Blogs: ideas, supplement or create

  • Cable Management (create)
  • Spotlight: Daft Punk (idea)
  • Spotlight: Deadmau5 (idea)

Expired blogs, maybe take another look?

  • Re-record tapes
  • Tape recorders past and present
  • Walkmans!
  • Come on! (The Azimuth)
  • The equation
  • Recording music with a digital source

Work information pages

- Information Vinyl:
rewrite chapters 2 to 7.

- Information Magnetic tape:
chapter 2 tape types and quality (writing).
chapter 5 maintenance (started, 2 paragraphs of text so far...).
chapter 6 New tapes (already reasonably on the road but addition is still allowed).
edit chapter 7 tape (change title, now two paragraphs on the way...).
add more chapters if there is still information about it.
add related pages?

- Information 8-track:
Chapter 7 stickers! (create)

- Information Microcassette
Still starting. Fix microcassette recorder first...

- DCC information:
Fix DCC 951 recorder... can already be supplemented with info about cassette and DCC 600 recorder.

- Information Compact Disc:
Still starting.

- information RCA Victor Cartridge:
Still starting, first making recorder

- Information Playtape:
Still starting, making player first

- Information Cantata 700:
Working on

Repair pages with work

- Repair Sanyo RD XM1:

Picking up page where I left off.

- Repair Sony WM-R202
Picking up where I left off, looking for suitable circlips...

- Repair Compact Cassette
Chapter 3 The tape has come out of the housing (classic example, still writing)
Chapter 5 Tape got tangled (still writing, maybe come up with a better title?)
Chapter 7 Cassette is noisy. (still writing, finding a typical example, old crap cassette?)
Chapter 10 Detection socks on tape (still writing, putting all types together for photo)

- Repair 8-track
Chapter 7 Tape runs bad is stuck (add gold 8-track info and even more addition)
Chapter 8 Tape has come off the reel (still writing)
Chapter 9 Tape completely useless (still writing, tape recorder as solution)
Chapter 10 Summary (yet to be done)
Related pages?

- Repair Microcassettes
Still making (because I haven't come across any defective microcassettes yet, this may take a while)...

- Repair DCC:
Still making

- Repair Compact disc:
No page for planning, not much to repair, wipe it and go.

- Repair RCA Victor tape:
Still making

- Repair Playtape:
Still making

- Gallery
Amplifiers (photo supplement)
Vinyl (photo supplement)
Compact Cassette (photo supplement)
Tape recorders (photo supplement)
8-Track (photo supplement)
Elcaset (photo supplement)
Minidisc (photo supplement)
Microcassette (create )
DCC (create)
Compact Disc (create)
RCA tape (create)
Playtape (create)
Cantata 700 (create)

- Glossary
Gradually supplement when new exotic words are mentioned on the website.

- Web links
Updated regularly.

- Contact
page Waiting time changes often, 

- Language
Change website domain, .nl will go offline as soon as 2022 ends. From that day on is the main page.